• Brittany Carter

    Brittany is a licensed massage therapist at Bloom Studio Salon. Brittany graduated from Owens Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science with Massage Therapy Concentration. Brittany is also a Radiologic Technologist in the Mercy Health System. 

    Brittany started receiving Massage Therapy at age sixteen after she broke her back in a severe car accident, and it helped her tremendously. After that, becoming a Massage Therapist was very special to her because she wanted to help people as much as it had helped her. 

    Brittany enjoys making each massage very unique by tailoring it to each individuals' needs.

  • Tristan Jakab

    Tristan has been an aesthetician since 2003 and she is so thankful to work in her passion! It's hard for Tristan to think of this as a job because she enjoys it so much. Tristan is very appreciative of her clientele that has blessed her in so many ways.

    Tristan is married to her high school sweetheart, Nick, and they keep very busy with their son, Lynkin. Her greatest release is running and she loves family time, especially outdoors!